Arabella Proffer, Solo Exhibition

APRIL 4-25

"Ephemeral Antidotes: Revisited" explores the medical superstitions and practices of centuries past with a touch of magic, realism, accompanying biographies, highlight the fascinating and misguided aspects of old medicine.

Opening Reception Friday, April 4th from 7-9 pm
in the Sullivan Family Gallery

GALLERY TALK Wednesday, April 9th from 7-9 pm

Sky is Falling: Chad Cochran & Jeff Swensen


The show “The Sky Is Falling” featuring photographers Chad Cochran and Jeff Swensen, presents images of people and places that force us to examine how we interpret the world around us.  Are we afraid as we look at these images? Are we intrigued by the unknown? How we experience the world has very much to do with these personal interpretations.  When we assume there is eminent danger it informs everything we do.  The sky may or may not be falling.  We can courageously experience the world or hide from it based on our fear that the worst may happen. 
Opening Reception Friday, April 4th from 7-9 pm
in the Dianne Boldman Education Gallery

Chad Cochran was born and raised in the small town of Fredericktown.  His fascination with decaying barns, homes, and vintage signs provides him with the connection to the small town he grew up in. Chad currently resides in Cleveland (Bay Village), Ohio.  Chad’s photographs have appeared in Midwest Living magazine and his photograph “Dead and Gone” will appear in the upcoming film “Jenny’s Wedding.”

Jeff Swensen has appeared in numerous publications including The New York Times and The Washington Post. Jeff Swensen lives and works as a photographer in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  He mostly photographs people doing stuff.  Upon this reading, he is older than he has ever been, yet never more-amazed by the varieties of the human condition.  Jeff and his wife, Beth, have 3 children.  He also has over 1900 friends on Facebook, but only really knows about 300 of them.