Milan Kecman - Head 2 Head

JULY 10 - JULY 31, 2015
Curated by Eileen Seifert-Stockdale

Artist Statement

Always having an interest in history, I decided to explore some of the faces and personalities of the past and the parallels their lives took. Their lives at times touched, interacted, conflicted, or opposed each other as they took divergent or similar paths. Some worked together in similar professions or endeavors while others competed and directly opposed each other. As in life, there were often two sides and two faces to every story ... which was ours, which was theirs. 

The canvas is divided into two equal halves each showing different personalities. My attempt was to create the illusion of one head by aligning their physical features: their eyes, nose, mouth and the tops of their heads and chins. At first glance a painting appears to be a single portrait. But, by being placed head to head, it exhibits a sense of oneness. 

This body of work was a challenge, but I enjoyed the research as much as the painting. I chose to portray only persons no longer living and usually had to rely on very old photographs ... often of poor quality. In addition to the lack of detail, the reference photos were mostly black and white. Therefore, I decided to do them in monochromatic tones. 

I hope to give the viewer insight into some historical figures who have left a profound effect upon today's culture. I show their"alikes"and "opposites" side by side, two heads joined as one because in our own personal actions and deeds we are all connected in similar manners. Different nations, different races and genders, yet there is a common thread that of humanity. Or, as I like to say through these paintings -  the human race, the human face.

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